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D Shop (Flagship store)


Contact: 297-588-1175/297-588-3383

Location: Caya Harmonia  #8, Oranjestad, Aruba.



  • D SHOP Aruba


10:00am - 7:00pm


Dianleri by D Shop is the latest addition to the famous D Shop in Oranjestad. Dianleri by D Shop continues the brand's vision to making Fashion accessible by making the products available with just a click! 



Make Fashion accessible for every woman in Aruba.



To be the number one Fashion store of choice in Aruba by offering a wide variety of products and styles that are up-to-date with international fashion trends in combination with excellent customer service to appeal to the diverse group of strong independent women, of different age, background and interest on the beautiful island of Aruba.  


Brand Values


International Fashion Democratization 

D Shop Aruba, and all its subsidiary, aim at making Fashion available for Aruba in three main ways. First, by having a wide variety of products. D Shop will include different products in the store, such as Shoes, Clothes and Accessories. Second, by having a large variety of styles/trends within the store. Third, by having a wide variety of price range on its products. With these three Methods, D Shop will have products available for almost everyone in Aruba.


Contemporary Fashion Trends

In order to keep up with constant changing trends and the different taste in style on the island, D Shop incorporates two strategy to keep up with demands. First of all, D Shop works as a Fast Fashion company. The store is constantly bringing new products in the store to keep capturing current trends and styles from around the world. Secondly, D Shop includes Fashion Trends from around the world to fulfill the diverse backgrounds and interests in Aruba.


Excellent Customer Service

In order to let Aruban customers experience international Fashion, D Shop will use outstanding customer service. These are communicated to customers through our employees. These are sales associates that are knowledgeable in International Fashion Trends, and they are able to help find what customers are looking for, and give advice on what to wear at any occasion. Furthermore, they embody the Aruban friendliness, but at the same time being professional with customers and each other. 

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